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Call for Papers

The first issue of the Journal of Islamic Society for Institutional Economics (JOISIE) will expected appear in the shape of proceedings of the conference to be held in June 2009.

 The journal will be published by one leading publisher and will be available in hardcopy and on line.

The editors and associates of JOISIE wish it to become a leading and prestigious journal in the field. In addition, JOISIE aims to provide a refereeing process that is both rapid and scientifically rigorous. We would welcome your involvement in this venture.

Aims and Scope

JOISIE will be devoted to the study of the nature, role and evolution of institutions in the economy in Islamic Perspective, including firms, states, markets, money, households and other vital institutions and organizations. It will welcome contributions by all schools of thought that can contribute to our understanding of the features, development and functions of real world economic institutions and organizations.

JOISIE will be dedicated to the development of innovative research within this broad conception of institutional economics in the sphere of Islamic Economic Thoughts. It will encompass research in both the 'original' and 'new' traditions of institutional economics.

JOISIE will promote theoretical and empirical research that enhances our understanding of the nature, origin, role and evolution of socio-economic institutions. Ideas from many disciplines, such as anthropology, biology, geography, history, politics, psychology, philosophy, social theory and sociology, as well as economics itself, are important for this endeavor.


Focus for the Conference

  1. Alternate Paradigm for Economic Thoughts & Economic orthodoxy
  2. Discipline of Islamic Economics between Neo Classical and Institutional Schools
  3. Developing Economies in the light of Institutional Reforms
  4. Institutional Structure Muslim Economies
  5. Institutional Reforms & Economic Performance
  6. Economic Institution and Poverty
  7. Governance, Institutions and Faith
  8. Governance, Institutions and Economic Development in Muslim Countries

Topics/Themes  for  Journal

Notes for Contributors

All articles must be in English. They may be submitted in electronic format only. MSWord, and pdf files are acceptable.

There must be no indication of the personal identity or institution of any author of the article within the article itself, or in the 'properties' of the electronic file. Normally, articles (including footnotes and references) must be no longer than 9,000 words. In special cases, such as an extended review article, this limit may be extended to 12,000 words.

Papers with some formal content will be considered if it is fully explained for a general readership, the mathematics is consigned as much as possible to appendices, the assumptions have sufficient grounding in reality, and the paper enhances our understanding of past, present, or feasible socio-economic institutions. JOISIE is not interested in the advancement of formal or econometric technique for their own sake.

The front page of the electronic file of the article should include the following information: the title; an abstract of the article of up to 150 words; the Journal of Economic Literature classification codes for the article (consisting of a single letter followed by two numeric digits, see www.aeaweb.org/journal/jel_class_system.html ); and up to six key words or short phrases.

Footnotes should be kept to a minimum and the Harvard referencing system should be used.

Submissions should be accompanied, in the email text or in a separate file, with the following details: the name(s) of the author(s); the email address of the corresponding author; and the institutional affiliation(s) of the author(s).

Submission of a paper will be held to imply that it contains original unpublished work and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere.

Submission should be sent by email in electronic attachment in MS Word format to  isie@

visit http://I-SIE.org  for more information

The JOISIE Editors will preliminarily assess all papers. A paper will be rejected at this stage if it does not comply with the above guidelines, is evidently of insufficient academic quality or interest, or lies outside the scope of the journal. If a paper passes this preliminarily assessment, then it will be sent out to referees.
If the article is accepted, the author will be ask to comply with the format and house style of JOISIE, to be announced later.

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